About Us

About US

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) hereinafter referred to as ‘the party’, which was registered under the Political Parties Act.

The UDA party was founded on the principles of good governance including equity, diversity, love, unity, freedom, justice, accountability, transparency and peace.

The leadership of the party shall ensure a just and prosperous nation through good governance, nurturing the right political atmosphere for businesses and industries to thrive, development of human resource, foster political stability and welfare of the people of Kenya.

The party symbol is a Wheelbarrow, symbolizing “the value, dignity and respect of work in pursuit of an equitable society”.

The party colors are Yellow, Black, Green in White background.

The party’s slogan is “Kazi ni Kazi”, meaning “every hustle matters”.

Our Phylosophy is that everyone in Kenya matters and deserves a chance on the table of decision making and through the party, Kenyans of all walks of life shall have the opportunity to contribute to nation building and to better their lives and the lives of future generations.

An equitably empowered Kenyan society living in a peaceful and united country.

To facilitate the fundamental rights, needs and potential of the Kenyan

people through a democratic, devolved and accountable government

anchored on a bottoms-up economic model that promotes equal

opportunities, shared prosperity and improved economic welfare.




Hard work