Kenya Kwanza Manifesto 2022

Photo :  DP William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua
Posted on Wed 29 Jun,2022 | By UDA Party

Photo : DP William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua

Kenya is a nation of peasants and poor folk whose true potential has been wasted by dynastic governments, where corruption as an income opportunity is criminalized among the poor but allowed for the wealthy. Our Kenya Kwanza government will open the floodgates of corruption to all hustlers.


The reality of Kenya today is that of an increasing wealth divide with the rich growing richer and the poor growing poorer, a scenario of a few dynastic powers earning through corruption while the poor are prohibited. With our slogan “kazi ni kazi”, we believe that tenderpreneuring, profiteering, tax evasion, brokerage, among other hustles should be recognized. Every hustle matters, including those which the dynastic powers today term as “illegal”.


The trickle down economic model of previous administrations has failed to realize the true economic potential of Kenya. That is why the Kenya Kwanza Alliance has chosen to instead work on and implement the bottom-up economic approach to jump start the economy and see more opportunities reach the hustlers. We will redistribute eating opportunities to all economic classes in this country. Instead of eating happening from top to bottom, we will invert the pyramid and ensure eating opportunities are accessed from the bottom-up.


The bottom-up economic model will focus on opening up tenders to mama mboga and watu wa bodaboda in four key areas of national development namely

(i) Universal Health Care,

(ii) Manufacturing,

(iii) Food Security and

(iv) Affordable Housing.


Opening up deal-making to hustlers in these critical sectors and their adjacent fields such as innovation, finance and banking and education will enable the hustler nation to realize its full potential and earn a good living from the government, the same way dynastic powers have been doing since independence. It is integral to our philosophy as Hustler Nation that all Kenyans should have access to the eating opportunities the dynastic regimes have always enjoyed with their families and friends.


Click here to download the complete Kenya Kwanza Manifesto.