William Ruto cancels his campaign in Vihiga County

William Ruto addressing roadside meetings in Bungoma in September 2020
Posted on Mon 25 Apr,2022 | By UDA Party

William Ruto addressing roadside meetings in Bungoma in September 2020

Deputy President William Ruto has cancelled his campaign in Vihiga County so as to pay tribute to former President Mwai Kibaki who died on Friday.

The four-day tour was to cover Kakamega, Bungoma and Busia Counties and was to run until Sunday.

Speaking during the Kakamega County Economic Forum held at the Musingu High School grounds, the Dr Ruto said the move was prompted by the death of Retired President Mwai Kibaki.

“We pay tribute to President Kibaki. A leader who distinguished himself with a great legacy that he has left behind,” Dr Ruto said as he broke the meeting for a moment of silence to mourn the country’s 3rd president.

Dr Ruto said Kenya was poorer without President Kibaki.

“He has been a great inspiration to the Kenya Kwanza team especially on his focus to the economy,” he added.

The Deputy President explained that Kenya Kwanza will now postpone its meetings in the region to mourn “a great son of our country.”

Besides the Kakamega Economic Forum, Kenya Kwanza was to hold a rally in Butula in Busia, Luanda in Vihiga and Eshisiru in Kakamega on Friday.

On Saturday, the Dr Ruto-led political formation was to hold the Bungoma Economic Forum in Webuye Town before proceeding to Busia, Mumias and Lugari for public engagement.

Later on, Sunday, Kenya Kwanza was poised to lead the Busia Economic Forum.

“We would then have held a Bottom-Up Economic Plan promotion in Kabuchai and Malava,” noted Emmanuel Talam, the Director of Communication.